About me


Jessica Bown is an award-winning freelance journalist and editor. She started her career on a trade magazine in 2000, before moving to the Daily Express in 2001. Freelance since 2006, she also spent two years at The Sunday Times. Jessica’s work appears in national newspapers such as The Telegraph, on websites such as BBC Business, and in a variety of magazines.

A seasoned journalist, copywriter and editor, Jessica is a quick and thorough researcher with experience of writing news, features, advertorials, and online content on a wide range of subjects for newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Being a working mum takes up most of her time, but when she can she enjoys skiing, horse riding, dog walking, reading and going to the theatre.

Specialist subjects

  • Money
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Property
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Air sports
  • Drones

Translation work

Now based in the French Alps, Jessica speaks fluent French and conversational Russian. She is also a skilled translator who specialises in converting French texts into accurate, eloquent English.